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“Aspire toward the highest.”
Rita Turner, co-founder of Walden University

Why Inspirations Matters

Both my dream and my purpose is to accomplish unity and healing in the United States of America by teaching about racism and teaching strategies on how to heal our nation. As an advocate for social justice, over 25 years of my life have been dedicated to advocacy, non-violent protests, and long-term strategic movement planning.Continue reading “Why Inspirations Matters”

What Do My Dad, Gary Coleman, and MLK Have in Common? My Path to Community Service

Growing up, my father generally discouraged us kids from watching TV with the exception of “educational” programs.  When planning for a family outing, he announced our departure time and stressed being ready on time.  However, at the stated time of departure, he would say to us, “Go ahead and watch a little bit of junkContinue reading “What Do My Dad, Gary Coleman, and MLK Have in Common? My Path to Community Service”

Neighborhood Networks Work to Save Lives

I did not mean to start a network of volunteers and make more than 2000 masks in 2 months. It just happened. A need arose and I saw a chance to give back. In my youth I was a seamstress and a cutter. In Baltimore I worked for a small company sewing polar fleece hats.Continue reading “Neighborhood Networks Work to Save Lives”